/ [Un]expired Nature

/[Un]expired Nature, Einhoven 2019/

We have found many ways to preserve nature in order to preserve ourselves. The food conservation technics have mantained our cultures, which at the same time, are beeing preserved through our cooking traditions.

[Un]expired Nature is a five course experience of my cultural approach to food; a compendium of Chilean and Lebanese cuisine, which explores some ways we preserve and consume milk./

1st course. Raw Milk Aroma
EXP: after 3 days

/1st course: Raw Milk. [Un]expired Nature, Einhoven 2019/

2nd course. Labneh
EXP: after 3 weeks

/2nd course: Labneh. [Un]expired Nature, Einhoven 2019/

3rd course. Shanklish Cheese
EXP: after 3 months

/3rd course: Shanklish Cheese. [Un]expired Nature, Einhoven 2019/

4th course. Manjar
EXP: after 3 years

/4th course: Manjar. [Un]expired Nature, Einhoven 2019/

5th course. Filtered Cola de Mono
EXP: the day you drink it.

/5th course: Filtered Cola de Mono. [Un]expired Nature, Einhoven 2019/