/ Sol[sticio]       

/Project developed in collaboration with the stars Dominga del Campo and Elisita Balbontín.

/Sol[sticio], Bahía Salado, Atacama, 2021/

The solstices celebrate the Sun reaching the southernmost and northernmost points from the equator in its journey across the celestial sphere. Every year, around 21st December and 21st June, two ceremonies take place.

The term sol[stice] derives from the Latin word “solstitium”, composed by “sol”, Sun and “sistere”, to stand still. For the Andean cultures, the solstices represent the days when “Inti”, the God Sun, sits on its throne, and rests before starting his way back to the other Hemisphere. These two moments mark the end and the beginning of a cycle of rituals, moves and choreographies on Earth.

/Summer solstice sunsut, Bahía Salado, Atacama, 2021/

Sol[sticio] is a performance that marks the path of the Sun on the ground of Atacama the day when the star sits in the southern sky. The dance began at noon, when the sun's rays were pointing perpendicularly at the desert and the shadows did not yet exist. Every hour, a buoy, abandoned by the tides, was placed at the edge of the shadow of the previous sphere, drawing a shape that connected humans, non-humans and more than humans in the arid landscape./

/Sol[sticio], Bahía Salado, Atacama, 2021/

/Punto y Dominga, Bahía Salado, Atacama, 2021/