/ Rising Sunsets

/Rising Sunsets, Berlin 2020. Foto: Miguel Reyes/

The spring equinox marked the start of the Covid-19 quarantine. We have been forced to stay home right when the sun invited us to gather outside in the city.

The sunlight, the strongest pulling force in contrast with the new social limitations, became the core of the work.

The performance aims at re-connecting people with themselves, nature, and the universe, with 15 kites that form a crowd of sunlight reflections dancing in the sky. While the wind reverberates on the ground directing the choreography of the bodies, their movements become Rising Sunsets in the air./

/Rising Sunsets, Berlin 2020/

/Rising Sunsets, Berlin 2020. Foto: Miguel Reyes/

/SunKite, Eindhoven 2020. Foto: Clara Gustafsson/

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