/ La [Re]constitución de los Andes - Index

/Exhibition at Museo dos Biscainhos in the frame of Index Media Arts. Biennial of Art and Technology, Braga 12-22 May 2022/

/Copper re-minerilazation back to its natural Orebody. Maipo Valley, Chile, 2022 Foto: Matteo Rapini./

We went where the river that bathes Santiago is born, at the feet of the Maipo Volcano, where rocks and mines, condors and andinists, muleteers and last ices claim their space.
We went up the valley of the brown river
that carries the last waters of summer to the arid city.
We drove, probably,
along the same road that connected the Andean cultures with the other side of the Range.
There, where now is a border,
where we could hardly go any further,
on a slope of stones charge with green,
we got out to offer, or rather to give back,
the copper extracted in a new mineral form.

/La [Re]constitución de los Andes. Museu dos Biscainhos, Braga, 2022./

/Tailings of contra-extracted euro cents.Museu dos Biscainhos, Braga, 2022./

/Contra-extractive machine and copper crystal formation. Museu dos Biscainhos, Braga, 2022./

/Saywas pointing Lullaillaco vocano. Atacama desert, Chile, 2020./

/Copper [Ore]body. Atacama desert, Chile, 2020./

/Mine tailings. Chuquicamata, Chile, 2020./